Beef Gyudon

Updated: Jul 25


Beef Gyudon is a super cheap dish that you can find all over Japan. Basically it is boiled beef in stock but there is just something about it that makes it so good. I didn't want to change this recipe as I could not mess with something that isn't broken. This dish is quick and delicious and perfect to feed a family in a hurry! Let's make gyudon!

to serve 5


500g beef fillet

1 whole onion

10g sliced ginger

3 spring onions

450 ml dashi stock

75ml light soy

50ml sake

50ml mirin

3 tbsp sugar


shichimi pepper (optional)

egg yolks

Dashi stock:

hand sized piece of kombu

hand-full of bonito flakes

450ml water


  1. Let's begin with the beef, in order to slice wafer thin slices the easiest way is to slice the beef when its part frozen. For this dish you want to slice the beef as thin as you possibly can. When the beef is sliced set aside in a bowl.

2. Next to make dashi, leave a piece of kombu to sit in 450ml of cold water in a pan for 15 minutes off the heat. Then place the pan onto a medium heat and bring up to just before boiling point, remove from the heat then add a hand-full of bonito flakes and leave to infuse for around 10 minutes (treat it like a pot of tea). Drain off the liquid into a bowl and set the dashi stock to one side.

3. To prepare all the other ingredients to cook, slice 1 white onion into strips, thinly slice the spring onions and slice the ginger into thin matchsticks. Now would be a good time to cook the rice in a rice cooker.

4. Now lets cook, in a large pan add all of the dashi stock and bring to a simmer. Next add the onions and ginger and cook for around 5 minutes, when the onions start to become soft add the soy, mirin, sugar and sake. Finally add the raw beef then season with salt and turn to a high heat until the liquid has reduced by half.

5. When the gyudon is ready we can now serve, in a bowl add a spoonful of rice followed by placing the beef on top then cover the beef in a few spoons of the sauce. Sprinkle spring onions on the side then place a raw egg yolk in the middle (you can poach the egg if you want), finally add a pinch of the shichimi seasoning and devour.

Enjoy this gyudon recipe!!!

Additional notes:

I have tried this dish with lamb before and it worked great, if you don't want to use beef fillet any steak should be fine as long as its sliced wafer thin. Most asian supermarkets sell beef that's already sliced thinly, so if you can find these then that would do perfectly for this dish.

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