Lemongrass Bavette Herb Chilli Chimichurri

Updated: Jul 25, 2021


Bavette steak is basically a cut of beef from the flank. In my opinion its one of the best cuts of beef out there! This cut only takes a few minutes to cook with an end result being a rare but flakey steak. The only way to eat bavette is either rare or medium rare, if you overcook bavette then it simply just becomes a tough chewy piece of meat. For this recipe I wanted to create something fresh and quick to make but something that oozes flavour. Let's cook!


400g bavette steak

For the marinade:

1 lemongrass stalk

1 shallot

2 garlic cloves

1 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp rapeseed oil

1 tsp fish sauce

1/2 lime (zest and juice)

pinch of salt

pinch of cracked black pepper

For the Chimichurri

1 shallot

1 garlic clove

bunch of coriander

bunch of mint

4 spring onions (green part only)

1 large red chilli

hand-full of toasted peanuts

1 lime

30ml rapeseed oil

salt and pepper


  1. To start this quick recipe begin by removing the bavette from the packaging and allow the steak to get up to room temperature. Trim any excess fat from the steak and place the steak onto a plate. For the marinade finely chop and bruise 1 lemon grass stalk, slice 2 garlic cloves, chop 1 shallot and place into a bowl. Also add 1 tbsp sugar to the bowl, 1 tbsp rapeseed oil, 1 tsp fish sauce, the zest and juice of half a lime and salt and pepper. Mix all together until the sugar has dissolved then massage into the steaks and leave to marinade for approximately 15 minutes.

2. Whilst the steaks are marinading we can also make our chimichurri. Start by washing all of the herbs in cold water, next roughly chop the mint and coriander, thinly slice the green part of the spring onions and add to a bowl. Finely chop 1 garlic clove, 1 shallot then chop 1 red chilli into a small dice then add to the bowl of herbs, add the zest and juice of 1 whole lime and add roughly 30ml of rapeseed oil then mix (you want the oil to cover the herbs roughly half way). Toast a handful of dried peanuts and lightly crush then add to the bowl, season with salt and pepper and set aside.

3. Now onto cooking the steak, start by putting a large pan onto a high heat, when the pan starts to smoke we can now add the steak. remove the steak from the marinade and wipe off any excess marinade that's left on, add a splash of rapeseed oil to the pan, then add the steak. For a rare steak you want to literally cook for 1 minute either side, for medium rare 2 and a half minutes either side. You only want to move the steak in the pan when its ready to be turned over. When cooked remove from the pan and let rest for 15 minutes on a chopping board with some kitchen foil over the top.

4. Let's serve! When the steak has finished resting, slice the bavette against the grain into thin strips. Add the chimichurri over the top and finish with a squeeze of lime.

See you later ribeye!!!

Additional notes:

I designed this dish to be fairly light, if you want to go all in with it then add rice or some fried tender stem broccoli. It's so important that you spend 15 minutes to rest the steak, if not the steak can become tough to eat. If you cant find bavette then alternatively you could decide to use ribeye or fillet. Have fun!

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