Matcha Lava Cake


What makes an epic lava cake is a hot molten pool of chocolate pouring from the cake when cut into. For this recipe I wanted that pool of molten goodness to consist of a slightly bitter, sweet matcha white chocolate. For the cake I used a 70% dark chocolate which also assisted in this dessert not being overly sweet. As for the crumb, I feel a bit of texture was needed, therefore, I made a simple almond white chocolate crumb to go with the lava cake. With all that said let's get straight into this recipe.

Total Cook Time: 30-35 minutes

Total Prep Time: 1 hr

To serve 4


Chocolate Fondant:

150g 70% dark chocolate

60g palm sugar or light brown

150g unsalted butter

40g all purpose flour

3 whole eggs

3 egg yolks

1 tsp sea salt

Matcha Ganache:

2 tbsp matcha powder

180g white chocolate

100g heavy cream

20g unsalted butter

White chocolate soil:

50g white chocolate

40g crushed toasted almonds

50g unsalted butter

70g white sugar

80g plain flour


Matcha Ganache:

  1. Let's begin by making the matcha ganache, this along with the fondant batter can be made a day in advance if you wish as they need to set before we begin the baking process. To make the ganache, start by adding 160g of white chocolate to a bowl and set to one side. Next in a separate small saucepan add 100g of heavy cream then place the cream onto a medium heat. Heat the cream until just boiling then remove from the heat.

2. Add the heated cream to the white chocolate then add 2 tbsps of good matcha powder. Allow the cream to sit in the chocolate for 5 minutes to soften the white chocolate. When melted, use a stick blender to pulse until smooth. Now add 25g of unsalted butter and pulse again until the ganache becomes nice and silky.

3. Add the ganache to a small half silicone mould or if you don't have one of those simply cover then freeze. Allow the ganache to set then when ready spoon the ganache into small balls small enough to fit inside of the ramekin you intend to bake the lava cake in or if using a half sphere mould, join the to spheres together by briefly heating the flat side.

Chocolate Fondant:

4. To make the fondant in a large mixing bowl add 150g of 70% good dark chocolate (I used callebout) then add 60g of shaved palm sugar (or light brown sugar), 150g unsalted butter and 1 tsp of sea salt. Place onto a double boiler and slowly cook whilst occasionally stirring until completely melted.

5. When silky smooth, remove from the double boiler and allow the melted chocolate mix to slightly cool. Now in a separate small bowl add 3 whole eggs and 3 egg yolks. When the melted chocolate has cooled, add the eggs slowly whilst mixing constantly with a spatula. The chocolate goes kind of weird when you add the eggs so take your time with this and ensure to constantly mix. When all of the eggs have been incorporated the chocolate should be smooth again.

6. To finish the fondant mix and to make it more of a batter consistency to the mix sieve in 40g of all purpose flour. Mix until a smooth batter is formed then when ready cover tightly with cling film. Place the batter into the fridge overnight or for at least 2 hours. You can use the batter right away , however, I find a brief rest or overnight works far better when baking the fondant