Passionfruit Coconut Tart - Lime Curd - Pecan Praline


For this recipe I wanted to make something slightly different opposed to a classic French lemon tart. Instead of lemons, this tart is made up of passionfruit and coconut that's cut by a fresh lime curd sauce. To add some texture and additional notes I also went with serving a pecan praline on the side. Overall this dish had a great balance and although slightly time consuming, super simple and easy to get a lot of portions out of 1 cake. With all said let's get straight to it!

Total Cook Time: 2 hrs / Total Prep Time: 3 hrs

To make 8-12 portions


Coconut Sweet Short Crust:

225g plain flour

50g desiccated Coconut

150g Chilled Butter

75g icing sugar

3g salt

1 whole egg

1 egg yolk

Passionfruit Coconut Filling:

200ml passionfruit juice

150ml double cream

100ml coconut milk

2 limes (zest)

9 whole eggs

350g white sugar

Lime Curd:

6 limes (juice)

2 limes (zest)

100g white sugar

6 egg yolks

100g chilled butter

Pecan Praline:

75g pecans

75g white sugar

Hazelnut Garnish (optional)

8-12 hazelnuts

50g white sugar


Coconut Shortcrust:

  1. Let's begin by making up the short crust pastry, in a food processor start by adding 225g of plain flour and 150g of chilled unsalted butter cut into cubes. Pulse for 20-30 seconds until a crumble like consistency is formed then add 50g desiccated coconut, 75g icing sugar and 3g of salt and briefly pulse again to mix. When mixed, pour all of the mix onto a worktop.

2. Next make a well in the middle of the flour mix then add 1 whole egg and 1 egg yolk then begin to fold the egg into the flour. When more manageable start to knead and bring the dough together until a smooth cohesive ball of dough is formed (I find it easier to use a pastry scrapper for this as our hands are quite warm for the dough). When ready cover the dough with clingfilm and allow to rest in the refrigerator for 45 minutes.

3. After approximately 45 minutes of chilling the dough should be much firmer making it much easier to work with. Dust a worktop with flour then place the dough on top. Using a rolling pin begin to roll out the dough until the dough becomes approximately 1/2 cm in thickness and is large enough to cover the tartlet case. (The tartlet case I am using is 12 inches in diameter). When ready use the rolling pin to roll up the dough then carefully unravel the dough onto the tartlet case and allow the dough to sag down into the case.

4. Now that the tartlet case is lined, tear a small amount of pastry from the edge then dab in a touch of flour and lightly push the corners of the dough to fit tightly into the case. Next run a sharp knife around the rim of the tartlet case to remove off the excess dough. Finally use a fork to prick some air pockets around the base of the dough and our case is now ready to be blind baked.

5. To blind bake the tartlet place two sheets of clingfilm or baking parchment over the case then fill with either rice, baking beans or pulses then fold over the clingfilm to enclose. Place the case into a preheated oven set at 160°c and blind bake for 20 minutes. After 25 minutes remove the case from the oven and remove the baking beans. Brush the base of the tartlet case with egg yolk then place back into the oven for a further 5-7 minutes to add colour and to crisp up the base. When ready remove from the oven and allow the tart to cool in the mould and set to one side.

Passionfruit Coconut Filling: